About Selena

This is who she is


Selena Lee Sze-Wah (李施嬅), previously known as Li Sze-Wan (李詩韻), is born on February 12th, 1981 in Hong Kong. When she was seven, her family emigrated to Toronto, Canada. After graduating from high school, Selena attended the University of Toronto studying for a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) degree in Accounting.

In 2003, she interrupted her studies to participate in that year’s Miss Hong Kong Pageant as an overseas contestant, and won the “Miss Talent” award and “Miss Photogenic” award. She became the first Miss photogenic Award winner in the history of the pageant who did not enter the final top five. Afterwards, she signed a contract with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), the largest free-to-air TV broadcaster in Hong Kong, and began her career as one of their managed artistes.

Her career

Within a year after signing a contract with TVB, Selena filmed her first television drama, «The Last Breakthrough», in which she played Fong Suet-Yi (Shirley), a supporting role.

February 2004
first television drama

In the following years, Selena filmed numerous television dramas as one of the main characters and gained recognition from the audience for her performances in these dramas, predominantly in 2006 and 2008 when she was one of the hot favourites for the “Most Improved Actress” award at TVB’s Anniversary Awards.

gaining attention

During the broadcast of «Beyond the Realm of Conscience», in which she plays concubine Yin, Selena took a break from the showbiz for three and a half months and returned to Toronto to finish her degree that she started ten years earlier.

September 2009
finishing studies

On March 29th, 2010, Selena opened her own beauty school named TECHNIQUE in Jordan, in which she invested over 1 million HKD. She invited many of her artist friends to attend the opening ceremony.

March 2010
beauty school opening

After her business was on track, she returned to TVB and filmed «The Life of Times of a Sentinel» in which she is the first female lead for the first time. For her role in that drama, Selena received a nomination for the “Best Actress” award for the first time at TVB’s Anniversary Awards.

July 2011
first Best Actress nomination

Because of her tight schedule, Selena decided to withdraw her shares from TECHNIQUE in early 2012 and focus fully on her acting career. That year, she starred in dramas «Gloves Come Off» and «Wish and Switch» as the female lead and received her very first award, the “Most Improved Actress” Award, at Starhub TVB Awards show.

August 2012
winning first award

At the end of 2013, Selena filmed her first foreign television drama «Spouse for House» produced by MediaCorp, the largest media broadcaster and provider in Singapore. For her performance in this drama, she received the Highly Commended honour for “Best Comedy Performance” at the prestigious Asian Television Awards.

End of 2013
first foreign drama

In 2016, Selena filmed the American short film «Once More». For this performance, she won the Best Actress title at the “European Cinematography Awards” and “Los Angeles Film Awards”, making her become an international double film queen.

Summer 2017
becoming film queen