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Face to Fate poster

Face to Fate


Broadcast date
August 28, 2006 - September 28, 2006
Running time
Frankie Lam, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Selena Lee
Produced by
Kwan Wing-Chung


According to the practice in the martial world, a duel between the virtuous sects and the evil cults is to be arranged every five years, in which five representatives from each side are involved and the winning party will be appointed the leader of the martial world for the coming five years. A number of kung-fu masters from the virtuous sects have been mysteriously assassinated before the upcoming duel. LI PO-YEE (Frankie Lam), who is an expert in martial arts and physiognomy reading, is to look for some other potential representatives. LAI YEUK-YEE (Raymond Lam), a gifted physician hired by the evil cults, has been trying to put a spoke in Po Yee’s wheel. As instructed by KO SHU-TIN (Felix Lok), the master of the Heavenly Desired Palace, Yeuk-Yee even attempts to kill Po-Yee. Tin is actually Po-Yee’s long-lost apprentice brother. When he was younger, Tin believed that the evil side would prevail as prophesied and therefore went over to the Heavenly Desire Palace. For the sake of peace and the virtuous sects, Po-Yee is already gearing up for a fight with Yeuk-Yee!

Selena’s character(s)

Selena as Yin Ye-Loi

Yin Ye-Loi

Also known as
Yuk Fu-Yung
20 years
Owner of Yuet Loi Inn
Episode appearance