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Gloves Come Off poster

Gloves Come Off


Broadcast date
April 15, 2012 - May 17, 2012
Running time
Kevin Cheng, Raymond Wong, Selena Lee, Natalie Tong, Kenny Wong, Nancy Wu
Produced by
Marco Law


TONG SHAP-YAT (Kevin Cheng) enters the underground boxing scene for money when he is learning Thai boxing with his senior brother KO WAI-TING (Kenny Wong) in Thailand, a decision he regrets for the rest of his life. In order to turn over a new leaf, he withdraws from the boxing scene and finds himself a job as a security guard at a sports goods company. His outspokenness attracts the attention of his supervisor CHAI PAK-FAI (Selena Lee). Yat and office assistant BUT KA-SHING (Raymond Wong) do not get along at the beginning but they become friends after their misunderstanding is eliminated. Shing’s passion for Thai boxing impresses Yat. He picks up the sports again and also helps Shing improve at Thai boxing. He returns to the boxing gymnasium, too, where he started out as a boxer, determines to train Shing and deaf-mute boxer TING YAN-TSZ (Nancy Wu) to be boxing champions. Later, Yat and Shing’s amity is put to the test when Ting tries to sow discord between them.

Selena’s character(s)

Selena as Chai Pak-Fai (Donna)

Chai Pak-Fai (Donna)

31 years
CEO at Jun Tin Enterprises
Episode appearance