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Life Made Simple poster

Life Made Simple


Broadcast date
October 24, 2005 - December 6, 2005
Running time
Roger Kwok, Jessica Hsuan, Bosco Wong, Leila Tong
Produced by
Wong Wai-Sing


TING SHEUNG-WONG (Roger Kwok) is a 30 years old man with the IQ of a seven years old boy. Ironically, he is surely happier than anyone else. WONG’s simple life ends when his best friend from childhood, WONG KEI-FUNG (Jessica Hsuan), goes to the U.S. to study. In order to realise Fung’s dream of studying abroad, Wong gives her all his savings. She works at the Chung’s International Company Limited after her study. He works as a delivery boy in the same company to keep an eye on her. Unexpectedly, Wong meets his half brother CHUNG CHI-CHUNG (Bosco wong) and his father CHUNG KAM-WING (Paul Chun) in the company. Even more to his surprise, Fung, whom he sees as his wife, falls in love with Chung and, subsequently, another man Lok Kui-Shing (Raymond Cho) accordingly. Can a simple mind handle a complicated world?

Selena’s character(s)

Selena as Yeung Yuen-Kwan (Joanna)
guest role

Yeung Yuen-Kwan (Joanna)

Also known as
Lui Lui
Sales manager at Chung Int. Company Ltd
Episode appearance
7-12, 32