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Succession War poster

Succession War


Broadcast date
June 25, 2018 - July 29, 2018
Running time
Ruco Chan, Shaun Tam, Selena Lee, Natalie Tong, Elaine Yiu, Joel Chan
Produced by
Chong Wai-Kin


HESHEN (Ruco Chan), brilliant and favoured by Emperor QIANLONG, has influence over the throne. He forges extensive factional alliances for shared venality and is dubbed the “Second Emperor”. Prince YONGYAN (Shaun Tam), the 15th son of the Emperor, appears mediocre with no ambition, so is selected by HESHEN as first line to the throne. After the death of Qianlong in the 4th year of Emperor JIAQING’s reign, Jiaqing manages to convince Heshen’s son FENGSHEN-YINDE (Matthew Ho) and confidant FUCHANG’AN (Joel Chan) to turn their coat, seeking to sweepingly eliminate Heshen and his cronies. But, wily Heshen comes prepared. Facing Jiaqing’s attacks, he not only manages to solve this crisis, but also turns the tables, exposing the unspeakable secret of Royal Noble Consort (Selena Lee). Suddenly, Jiaqing is caught in the crossfire! Heshen’s second wife CHANG MEI (Elaine Yiu) and female confidant DOUKOU (Natalie Tong) act separately inside and outside the imperial court, turning Jiaqing’s longtime supporter / own brother Prince YONGLIN (Jonathan Cheung) into his enemy. With the White Lotus Sect wreaking havoc nationwide, Jiaqing is plugged into despair. However, he is a man with a mandate from heaven...

Selena’s character(s)

Selena as Nau Woo Luk · Ling-Yee

Nau Woo Luk · Ling-Yee

Imperial Noble Consort
Episode appearance