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The Last Breakthrough poster

The Last Breakthrough


Broadcast date
November 15, 2004 - December 26, 2004
Running time
Nick Cheung, Raymond Lam, Sonija Kwok, Leila Tong
Produced by
Lam Chi-Wah


Dr. WONG PO FUN (Nick Cheung) joins Life Force, an international medical humanitarian organization, to carry out the unfulfilled wish of his deceased girlfriend, HA HIU-TUNG (Gigi Leung). He also sets up Lung Shing Medical Centre to help the poor.
When Fun is working with the organization in Kenya, he meets a young doctor called CHAI PAK-HANG (Raymond Lam), who works at a private hospital named Ling Siu in Hong Kong. Influenced by Fun, Hang joins Lung Shing later. HONG KIU (Sonija Kwok), a nurse at Ling Siu, is impressed by Fun with his principle of putting patients first. However, Fun cannot get over Tung. Meanwhile, Hang meets a volunteer HA HIU-CHING (Leila Tong) when he is in Africa and likes her very much. When they meet at Lung Shing again, Ching hangs back because of the existence of KO SIU-YAU (Sharon Chan), who comes from a wealthy family.
Working with Fun at both Lung Shing and Life Force, Hang learns that apart from giving patients medical treatments, doctors should also help patients to live a meaningful life. However, when Hang and Fun face their own lifetime challenges, they feel weak and helpless.

Selena’s character(s)

Selena as Fong Suet-Yi (Shirley)

Fong Suet-Yi (Shirley)

Nurse at Lung Shing Medical Centre
Episode appearance