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Barrack O'Karma poster

Barrack O'Karma

金宵大廈 (Golden Building)
Broadcast Date
September 16, 2019 - October 13, 2019
Running Time
10 episodes
Produced by
Yip Chun-Fai
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By chance, SIU KWAN-WAI (Joel Chan) became the security guard for Golden Building. In this building with an old physical appearance, people of all kinds, and widely-known ghost rumours, Joel encounters a cool and beautiful air stewardess, YEUNG CIN-WAH (Selena Li). He is shocked to see CIN-WAH, who looks exactly like the qipao-wearing girl in his dreams! He naturally wants to get closer to Selena and learn about about his connection to her. Their relationship gradually grows.

At the same time, there are many stories happening within the building, like the weird young woman who pushes around a sealed stroller, the single mother whose son goes mysterious missing, the pretty female accountant whose sexual fortunes take a turn, the male homebody who is addicted to peeping on teenage girls, and the odd bookstore owner. Each seems unable to escape their own fate. Meanwhile, strange things keep occurring. As KWAN-WAI investigates, he finds out that he and CIN-WAH did not come to this building coincidentally. They are inextricably linked to the building itself. KWAN-WAI and CIN-WAH's complicated relationship today can be traced back to a love affair that happened in the building in the 1960s. Destiny guided KWAN-WAI to the Golden Building…

Selena's character

Yeung Yuk-Wah (Coco)
Jeung Wong (Alex)
Air stewardess
Episode 1-20