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Face to Fate

布衣神相 (Simple Clothed Soothsayer)
Broadcast Date
August 28, 2006 - September 28, 2006
Running Time
30 episodes
Produced by
Kwan Wing-Chung
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LI BO-YI (Frankie Lam) is a master in physiognomy. Bent on being a gallant ranger, he gets drawn into political intrigues of the black and white side. In terms of relationships, he is lingering between MAI CHIN (Anne Heung), who's already someone’s wife, and YIP MUNG SIK (Tavia Yeung), who's the daughter of the mafia leader. Is all this a trick played by the fate or human nature?

LAI YEUK-YI (Raymond Lam) has been tormented by Lai’s family genetic Progeria Syndrome his entire life. Ostensibly he accepts fate, but actually he is self-degredating. He meets the love of his life, YIN YE-LOI (Selena Lee), who adds hope and color to his life. But when he bitterly lost his love, he has to go through misery. Is all this determined by the fate, can humans change it?

Selena's character

Yin Ye-Loi
Yuk Fu-Yung
20 years
Restaurant Owner
Episode 5-30