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Just Love

老婆大人 (My Wife, Your Honour)
Broadcast Date
May 9, 2005 - June 3, 2005
Running Time
20 episodes
Produced by
Chong Wai-Kin
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When other wives follow their husbands’ wills, this couple is an exception! After marriage, KO HEI MAN (Jessica Hsuan) concentrates on her career as a court judge, while KOT KWOK KWONG (Sunny Chan) stays home as a “house-husband”. It was peaceful at first, but after Kwong’s father discovery of the pre-marital agreement among the couple, their relationship and things change dramatically. , Kwong decides to explore his life and career outside of the house. At first, Man does not take it seriously, but when she finds out Kwong has an affair after he is sets free, she realizes that she has to be more womanly to save the marriage. However things did not go as expected, on the contrary, Kwong discovered that Man and her ex-boyfriend TAI CHI HUNG (Dave Wong), also a court judge, are in frequent contact…

Selena's character

Leung Yan-Yan (Yoyo)
Episode 1-20