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Life Made Simple

阿旺新傳 (New Legend of Ah Wong)
Broadcast Date
October 24, 2005 - December 6, 2005
Running Time
32 episodes
Produced by
Chong Wai-Kin
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30 years old TING SHEUNG WONG (Roger Kwok) has an IQ of a 7 years old little boy, however, he seems to find ways to make everyone around him happy and lucky. He has been friends with WONG KEI FUNG (Jessica Hsuan) before she went to United States to study. In order to fulfill Fung's high education wish, Wong gave Fung all his savings of many years. After Fung finished her studies and returned to hometown, she started working in Chung Si Group. In order to protect her, Wong also worked there as a mailman. never expected that in Chung Si he would meet his half brother CHUNG CHI CHUNG (Bosco Wong) and his biological father CHUNG GAM WING (Paul Chun). What made him surprise even more is that Fung, who he has always called 'wife', fell in love with Chung and later LOK KUI SING (Raymond Cho). One with pure heart, would he be able to deal with the complicated adult world?

Selena's character

Yeung Yuen-Kwan (Joanna) Guest
Lui Lui
Episode 7-12, 32