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Master of Destiny

風雲天地 (Across Heaven and Earth)
Broadcast Date
June 22, 2015 - August 1, 2015
Running Time
30 episodes
Produced by
Wong Jing
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CHO KWAN YEUK-NAM (Liza Wang, Selena Lee) is a legendary woman. Ever since her husband CHO WAN-HON (Wayne Lai) committed suicide due to a business failure, she has brought up her three sons and one adopted daughter on her own, and single-handedly established a world-renowned business empire in the process. Gradually, she starts cultivating her sons to be her successors, including her eldest son CHO CHI-WANG (Kenny Wong), second son CHO CHI-YUEN (Hawick Lau) and youngest son CHO CHI-KO (Edwin Siu). Yeuk-Nam’s adopted daughter CHO HAU-YEE (Kimmy Tong) is so enamored of her second elder brother Chi-Yuen, whose heart however belongs to someone else. Later, following his romantic setback, Chi-Yuen devotes himself to his career, putting his eldest brother’s status as an heir in jeopardy. Out of the blue, an ambitious girl, SUNG CHI-WAH (Monica Mok), shows up in Chi-Wang’s life, and the two even collude to incarcerate Chi-Yuen. Just as the whole family is on the verge of crisis, the real identity of lawyer MOK NGA-MAN (Angie Chiu) is unveiled, and meanwhile, Hau-Yee also returns. So, how is Yeuk-Nam, an incredibly accomplished woman, going to tackle all of these variables?

Selena's character

Cho Kwan Yeuk-Nam Guest
Business woman
Episode 2-4, 15