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On the First Beat

學警出更 (The Academy II)
Broadcast Date
June 4, 2007 - July 13, 2007
Running Time
30 episodes
Produced by
Wong Wai-Sing
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After going through the excruciating training of the academy, CHUNG LAP-MAN (Ron Ng) and LI PAK-KIU (Sammul Chan) finally become official police officers and are assigned into the same branch. One operation causes Kiu’s girlfriend to die a violent death. Furthermore, it causes Kiu and Man, this pair of good brothers, to separate from one another. Newly-appointed police chief CHEUNG GING-FUNG (Michael Tao) turns out to be the crime leader of last time’s operation. Kiu further discovers that there’s an inside story to his girlfriend’s death…

feelings between Man and his colleague CHEUNG NIM YAN (Joey Yung) gradually develop. However, his cousin MAN JING (Kate Tsui), like before, pursues him. On the other hand, Kiu loves Fung’s ex-wife, YUEN WAI-NEI (Sonija Kwok). However, the old feelings between Fung and Nei still haven’t ended. Facing the impact of career, friendship, and love, how will the two new officers deal with it all?

Selena's character

Yip Ling-Fung Guest
Episode 21-29