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Slow Boat Home

情越海岸線 (Love Exceeds the Coastline)
Broadcast Date
May 13, 2013 - June 14, 2013
Running Time
25 episodes
Produced by
Leung Choi-Yuen
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CHEUNG PO-SANG (Raymond Wong), who was born and raised in Cheung Chau, is a man with grandiose aims but puny talents, putting the seafood restaurant run by his father CHEUNG SING-MUI (Elliot Yue) out of business. Po Sang feels down-hearted, his close associate CHENG PO-PO (Aimee Chan), a female TV producer, remains steadfast with loyalty to him, fighting with him side-by-side all along. Even when Po Sang suffers from a fracture due to a boating accident and becomes physically disabled, Po Po is willing to push the wheelchair for him. On the other hand, KWOK HEI-MAN (Selena Lee) gives up her own career all of a sudden and returns to Cheung Chau, helping her mother IP WING-SHAN (Susan Tse) run the holiday home rental business. It turns out that Hei-Man has secretly joined hands with some outsiders, planning to develop a hotel conglomerate. Hei Man also attempts to have an affair with Po-Sang, trying to make Po Po go away. What Hei Man has done is noticed by her first love CHING LAI-WING (Ruco Chan), who cannot put up with it, as such, he and Po-Po become fellow sufferers, commiserating with each other. As Po Po is about to give up verifying her parentage and return to the USA, unexpectedly, a sudden reversal of the holiday home acquisition process occurs…

Selena's character

Kwok Hei-Man (Heidi)
Man Lui
28 years
CEO of holiday hostel
Episode 2-25