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The Life and Times of a Sentinel

紫禁驚雷 (The Frightening Thunder of the Forbidden City)
Broadcast Date
July 25, 2011 - August 26, 2011
Running Time
26 episodes
Produced by
Leung Choi-Yuen
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Martial arts expert NIP DOR-PO (Steven Ma) joins the Imperial Guard in an attempt to speak up for the people. He is under the command of Prince Yu, FUQUAN (Kenneth Ma), whom he becomes very good friends with in the passing of time. Later, on Chuen’s recommendation, he becomes the personal guard of Fuquan’s younger brother EMPEROR KANGXI (Power Chan).

Never has Po expected that the palace is a place so full of plotting and intrigue. Nor did he know that Fuquan has long been harboring an earthshaking rebellious scheme. Po likes CHEUK CHI-YING (Selena Lee), but she soon gets involved in a power struggle amongst the imperial concubines. Surrounded by friends and foes, cheating and masking, Po finds himself being forced to fight in the dark on his own…

Selena's character

Cheuk Chi-Ying
Oi San Gok Loh · Duen Man (Princess Duen Man)
25" years
Properietor of Bak Hei Tong Pharmacy
Episode 2-26