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When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West

東山飄雨西關晴 (Turbulence of East and West)
Broadcast Date
October 26, 2008 - December 5, 2008
Running Time
30 episodes
Produced by
Kwan Wing-Chung
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Coming from a very humble background, POON MUK-HING (Joe Ma) nevertheless is content with his lot. He works for the Poon’s of Dongshan as driver. His true identity of the eldest son of the family comes to light when he saves POON CHEUK-WAH (Raymond Wong), the young master, in an accident. CHONG FUNG-YEE (Liza Wang), the first daughter-in-law in the family, has to admit unwillingly the fact that when she married into the family she was already pregnant. His true identity revealed, Hing changes his name to Poon Cheuk-Hing according to the genealogical table of the clan. The mother and son have since been locked in a seesaw struggle.

YIP HEUNG-CHING (Charmaine Sheh) came from an influential family in Xiguan. She starts selling congee on a boat for a living with her elder brother after their family has fallen into decline. Ching and Wah used to go out but Yee did all she could to separate them. Later, Ching opens a teahouse with the help and support of Hing. Spontaneously, love blossoms between them. Not long afterwards, the Poon family runs into a lot of troubles. Yee and Wah are unable to handle them at all. Hing seizes the opportunity to restore the prestige of the family. For the sake of the benefit of Poon’s, he is prepared to sacrifice his relationships with other family members, his love as well as his friends. By doing so, he also involves himself in a never-ending bloody battle of power.

Selena's character

Fong Bo-Kei
21 years
Episode 3-30