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Wish and Switch

換樂無窮 (Endless Exchange of Enjoyment)
Broadcast Date
January 2, 2012 - January 28, 2012
Running Time
20 episodes
Produced by
Lam Chi-Wah
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Young housewife FAN SUK-HEUNG (Myolie Wu) accidentally enters a mysterious website, which allowed her to change anything she can imagine. For example, she switched her fine waist size for her brother’s acceptance into a well-known school. Using her luck, she helped friends exchange for better romantic relationships. Heung eventually becomes addicted to the website and was unable to pull herself out, especially when she suspected her husband KU KA-YAN (Johnson Lee) is having an affair, she did not hesitate to switch her life with her good friend HAU YEUK-HOI (Selena Lee), who married a wealthy husband. Heung borrowed Hoi's power to recapture her husband's heart, while Hoi just wanted Heung to help her handle her bossy mother-in-law LUI FUNG (Kiki Sheung). Unfortunately, the two fall into a deep trap, going deeper and deeper. Without notice, the mysterious website suddenly disappears one day. The relationship of the two families ended up being ed in various ways, where Heung actually started an extramarital affair with Yan. The giggles, anger and scolds just never ends…

Selena's character

Hau Yeuk-Hoi (Hailey)
Mrs. Wing
29 years
Senior Manager of PR at Ging Laap Enterprises
Episode 1-20